Welcome to FPS

Welcome from the Fredericktown R-1 School Board, Administration, Faculty and Staff. We try to involve parents and patrons in the R-1 programs, activities and services. Maximum student and parental involvement is expected and encouraged. Visit your schools at any time. We take pride in our programs, people, buildings, activities and services.

This page will briefly introduce you to the Fredericktown R-1 School District. Specific questions or concerns can be answered by calling the Administrative Offices at (573) 783-2570 or (573) 783-7115. Welcome to Fredericktown, Madison County and the Fredericktown R-1 School District. We are looking forward to working with you.
-Mr. Chadd Starkey, Superintendent

New Residents
All families moving into the district are encouraged to enroll their children in school as soon as possible. During the school term (August – May), please contact the respective school principal or guidance counselor for enrollment information. Counselors will be available to enroll new students two weeks prior to the start of classes. Students will need to have all previous transfers records and current immunization verification in order to complete the enrollment process. Principals and guidance counselors are not in the buildings during the months of July. The administration office is open on a 12-month basis, and enrollment information for fall is available during the summer months.

Educational Programs
The Fredericktown R-1 School District follows a K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 organizational pattern. The R-1 District is classified as “Accredited” by the State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education; this is the highest classification given by the Department for public schools.
The Fredericktown R-1 High School has been cited for meeting high standards for education. In addition, two elementary schools and one middle school serve the district.