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Tips, Tricks and Hacks to annoying problems How to create a PDF file
How to convert media files to a different format IE 8 vs IE 9
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How to automatically filter junk email How to lock your computer
How to resize your pictures How to rip your audio cd
How to use special search features in Google search. How to add picture from H: drive to smart notebook.
Create a WebSIS website Email to Iphone
When and Why reboots may help fix computer issues. Smart Notebook Tips Pens and Themes
Testing Internet Access Using a Web Browser other than IE Setting Up Android Email
Using School iPads Scanning From your Andriod/Iphone
Ipad apps for Education Windows 7 Compatibility Center
An Alternative for Scanning Software Word documents to a pdf.
Windows 8 Shortcut keys. Three easy ways to use color in an Excel worksheet.
10 advanced formatting tricks for Excel users Windows 8 Tips and Tricks.
Securing the Human Check Computer Sound (audio)